The history of Bilgi Hospital

Bilgi Hospital esteblished by young doctors of a group and friends who believed in them to close a gap in the area of health that they have developed the project in 1999 in Manavgat.

A core team who believe medical and Manavgat and this team that creates the criteria of professional ethics, with the latest technology and information, for 17 years we serve in the area of health services.

Our doctors are successful in their own majors, closely following the developments and they give importance to patient satisfaction.

As a feature of our area is a touristic area. All the staff of our hospital work successfully and our hospital has been working with the foreign health insurance in a cooperative manner.

We strive for more new, more accurate and more positive reaching in health area each year.

The people of Manavgat and the distinguished guests of Manavgat, we will continue to contribute to their health from emergency intervention to rehabilitation.

Our efforts continue in all areas of health care.

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